In the next 12 months, what are your plans and where would you like to be?

 I’m not sure… In 6 months I’m going to be a father and I’m excited about taking pictures of my child and maybe focusing my camera a little bit more towards the domestic. Don’t worry though, I’m not going to have a bunch of pictures of my kid within various fruit bowl and vegetable arrangements, though there may be some baby in cute animal costume photos ;)

 CynthiaHenebry is one of my favorite photographers and she has done a marvelous job of capturing her family and surroundings in an interesting way. I don’t think I can quite measure up to that, but her work has inspired me to focus a little more inward. Of course I’ll still be taking pictures at night and on the street, but I’m excited to capture  my kid on film (and maybe a little digital too).

 In 12 months I just want to be taking good pictures and not limit myself too much by artificial constraints or comfort levels that I can sometimes put on myself. I’ve definitely gotten to a point where I’m pretty happy with a lot of my work, but I’m also all the more aware of my limitations and I want to keep pushing myself to improve.