I was lucky enough to win a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award this year. I’ve had my photos published here and there on book covers and in a couple magazines. I’ve also had a few online features like this one. My favorites include interviews with AmericanElegy and Amerikana.

What other photographers do you admire?

There are quite a few. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration and influence from my contemporaries on flickr. TimCastlen and MichaelWriston are the first to come to mind. MandoAlvarez, StevenBrooks and KurtManley for their great night work. DaveGlass and ChristopherHall have really inspired my interest in car photography and city scapes. ChuckPatch, GaryGumanow and MikePeters for their great “street” photography. DanWetmore and I have had the chance to shoot together a couple of times now and I definitely feel a kindred connection between the work we’re both doing. MarceloMontecino, MichaelCinque and a lot of others as well. I’m not doing justice to them all. If anyone reading this is not familiar with these photographers and those I mention in my other answers, you should really take the time to check them out.

 Do you have any upcoming projects planned?

Nothing that is specific or well defined at this point. I’d like to push myself to just get out more on the streets on a regular basis. Baltimore has a lot of festivals that can be great for photography, but I’d like to do more just walking around and engaging people on my own. This is tricky though as I get a lot more rejection, asking to take people’s pictures, than I do when there is more of a crowd of people mulling about.